Report Combination


I have a report that is published weekly with headers that can be different, I want to append the data and add new headers if it doesn’t already exist. How can this be done?

Appending Report 2 to report 1 and adding necessary columns

so you want to add new column names??

dataTable .Columns( “old_ColumnName”) .ColumnName= “new_ColumnName”

Did we try with Join Datatable Activity
Not sure like this would work as it is based on your input files
cheers @sparkplug93

Can you please elaborate

its because when we use JOIN DATATABLE activity if the datatable has any matching records it will be given as output based on the join type we choose and on specific COLUMN
but if the column is not found matching then it will be added as a separate column
so i hope that would help in your case

Cheers @sparkplug93

Can this be used to join to a sum table ie report 1 and 2 to a total report

Sorry, i’m reading all reports in folder. Passing it as OutputDT but what is the output datatable and how do i write it to append to my excel sum log

I want to add column name and the new data, appending it to a sum log