ReplyAll in a shared emailbox is including the shared email id as well

Hi We got an automation request for sending notification to the customers who has not paid the due amounts for the loans taken. we have a shared email box from where our bot sends emails to the customers.

After 30 days, the bot picks the last email sent and topups the email with a remainder of the latest outstanding amount.

The problem we are facing is that when the bot Topups the email from sent items, it is adding the shared email address as well in To address. Also, the subject of the email is not getting changed. Alternatively, if I use send outlook email and use the last sent email in forward property, the last email is not getting topped up and more over the entire body is in plain text format.

Any setting change where we can exclude the shared email while clicking on reply all?


Are you using Outlook for this process? If not, which method/provider are you using?

Best Regards