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I want send reminder email to the same receiver from my outlook send items(its should be replied with old email body and with new note adding (Kind reminder). I have found the email which i want to send reminder .But not able to send.

I tried Reply To Outlook Mail Message. Not able to add the Mail message name. Is there any Alternative way.

Reply to will automatically replies to all the list of members to that mail @SrenivasanKanna

I don’t understand what are you missing?

Ex. I sent an email to u … but since you are not responding to my email. So that i want to send reminder to you , saying that kind reminder. Is it possible to send from Sent items of outllook

Should it be in the same thread ? If not, there is a simpler approach

Its shoud be same thread.

What is the Simpler approach to just do reply of already sent email

Ofcourse, you can get the mails from the sent items by changing the folder name in the properties of Get outlook maill messages property. Then, loop through mails and based on the condition, get the body of that mail and append the string you want to add and then pass it to the body of reply to mail message activity @SrenivasanKanna

SImple as that

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Can you try the following way

Read Mail Messages from Sent Folder
For each mail in MailMessage Collection
Read the Mail Message Properties and assign to different variables
like Reciepients , Body etc.
If you can send directly the mail mesasge --use the Mail item from this loop.
Send a New mail message with the above read mail message and alter the subject with appending Reminder and body and rest all remain same from original mail message.


Thank you so much .

Can you check the Screen Shot once again

Pass item there instead of Mail_Message @SrenivasanKanna

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Hey Hey …wow …Its working thanks a lot

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