"Reply to all" option for O365 Reply To Mail activity creates a self-emailing situation

I have created an automation that monitor incoming emails based on certain keyword in the subject line and reply to all after some processing.
Using the new O365 Reply To Mail activity, my mail address (the original recipient) is always included in the “To” recipient list for the reply message and create a infinite looping of email processing.

Is there any way to remove the original “To” recipient from the reply message and keep the Sender and CC?

This was not the case with Reply to Outlook Email activity I used for another automation but cannot be used for this project.

Hi @PP_K

Thank you for your suggestion. I saved it for our team to consider.

The only workaround I can see here for now would be to manually extract the recipients of the original email beforehand and then construct a custom list of recipients based on that.