Reply specific email

Hi I have a process which I’m trying to automate but have no idea how to design the process.

Earlier in the process i would save attachments (all csv) as its filename with datetimestamp (eg. Filename.20180226_0821). Then I would add values to one of the column before replying the sender with this new filled attachment.

My problem is how do I locate that email where the attachment came from? Because all emails would have the same subject and all attachments will have the same filename.

Thank youu.

Hi there @inyourgravity,
Just some random spitballing :slight_smile:

When an Email comes in (Load/Dispatcher):

  • Generate a GUID
  • Create a folder with that GUID
  • Save all attachments into that folder
  • Save the Mail itself into that folder
  • Add queue item with any relevant information to that case, including the overarching GUID, sender Email, Etc.

Run at a scheduled time (Work/Performer):

  • Retrieve queue item
  • Process case (using the GUID working directory)
  • Send response Email, with the original Email as an attachment, as well as any supplementary materials

As I say, these are just some initial thoughts.