Reply All with added users

Hi All,

i need to reply to all but need to copy some extra users. I tried Reply to all but it does not have any feature to add more users.
And If i try to send email and put email body of incoming email in new email then it just losses all HTML.

Any help will be appreciated.


@Sachin0s, Hi and welcome to the community

I wonder if adding the extra people on the MailBody field instead, would work, but i think its worth a try, let me know if it some how works:

In the mail properties in Body, try doing something like this" ","

No, It didn’t work. My problem is that I need to reply to all users and based on some condition I need to copy more users. like on email1 if certain criteria is not met the add more people .

But it has to be reply to all so that entire mail chain reflects in email just like we use normal Reply to all and add few more users.

@Sachin0s, sorry it didn’t work man, but it was worth a try…

Any solution ?

I resolved it by passing objMailmessage.Header(“HTMLBody”) while sending in new email.

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