Replacing text in string with wildcard


I’m attempting to:

  1. ‘Add Wildcard Sequence’ - Replace part of the text in a string with a wildcard


  1. ‘Match in FAME Sequence’ - Then use this string to match against another data table

The data table joining works fine but the wildcard replacement doesn’t appear to be working.

FAME Validation.xaml (32.9 KB)


FAME Validation.xaml (39.4 KB)

as i dont have input excel files so i made some changes based on assumptions please run the code and let me know.

Thank you, i’ve run my data through though one of the columns (SupplierTitle2) in the output ‘test’ excel is displaying duplicate values. Attaching the data:
Invoice Data.xlsx (712.9 KB)
CosOver5Employees_UKEir.xlsx (30.0 KB)

Current Output:
Test.xlsx (29.5 KB)