Replace("*", username)

Hello all,

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I would like to know how I can replace a character in a path every time this character appears.

For example I want to replace the asterisk for the username in order to get the user name of the user where the bot is going to be run.
I know I can do this ;

username = System.Environment.UserName
filePath.Replace("*", username) =“C:\Users\DJohn\Desktop\Test\Test.txt”

However, I would like to perform only one time for all the activities in the flow which contains an asterisk on the path

Anyone has any idea


why are you doing that, i think is better to replace directly C:\Users\"+Environment.UserName+"\Desktop\Test\Test.txt


You could also use “Get Environment Folder” activity if you wanted to reference the current users desktop as a variable:

You know that it’ll always start with “C:\Users” and end with “\Desktop\Test\Test.txt” so just do…

“C:\Users\” + System.Environment.Username + “\Desktop\Test\Test.txt”

in addition to above also have a look at following:

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Oooohhhh I never knew about those.

There are some very useful ones here! Oddly, the Downloads folder isn’t one of them.

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