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Hi I want to replace “.mp4” from a column of a excel sheet. But it throws error
Replace Text : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Here is my work flow

Hi @Atul_Rai,

The replace Text activity works only the Word Application Scope.

Kindly read this document.


thanks @balupad14
Is there any way to do it in excel?

Yes @Atul_Rai,

We have many to do the find replace.
1.If the sheet is look like datatable manner. you read all into a datatable. And find and replace in the datatable.
2.If it is non format , you can read the each cell and do the find and replace.

If you share the xl . I can suggest you with example .


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yes here it is. Book1.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Hi @Atul_Rai,

Check this …

File : (14.8 KB)



thanks @balupad14 for the help.
I have 2 more requirements
1.I have to remove PIPE( | ) symbol from the sheet if it comes at last
example: Bhakti Kala|
output: Bhakti Kala

2.I have to remove the text after the pipe symbol if it has Live before it.
example:Sringar Aarti Chowpatty ISKCON (Live)|Sringar Aarti Chowpatty ISKCON
output:Sringar Aarti Chowpatty ISKCON (Live)

here is the sample .xl file :Book1.xlsx (9.3 KB)

HI @Atul_Rai,

Check this .

File : (16.4 KB)

thank you @SaranyaKishore for the like.

I found the duplication in the xl sheet. if you want to remove , you can use the



thanks @balupad14 your answers are very helpful.
I will try to remove duplicate rows. But my excel has the list of programs to be telecast so if I will use remove duplicate row then it will remove the repeat telecast also. I tried to remove the duplicate using do-while loop but got stuck in the loop.
Thanks again for the help

Hi @balupad14 in your file FindandReplace2 it is removing everything after pipe symbol
but I want to remove pipe if and only if it is at the end and remove the content after pipe if (Live) comes before the pipe symbol.

Hi @Atul_Rai,

Check this !! (16.8 KB)


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thanks @balupad14 great work.

Hey @balupad14,

thank you for the contribution. I can also use this in my workflow.
Can you maybe explain the syntax behind:

Because I would also like to delete the Text before a certain element.
For example to remove the text in front of the pipe symbol (|).