Replace text (Word app scope) case sensitive

Hi everyone,

I’m using Replace text activity for words with the first letter capital. I need robot to work with these words only, but it replaces even those without capital letters. For example if the keyword is River, it replaces words River and river.

I’m using Regex to find words with first letter capital and it is set properly (checked it at output). The problem seems to be in Replacetext activity.

Is there any chance to make it work with the first letter capital words only?

Thank you. Martin

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give a try on working with the BalaReva Word Activities


can be added to the UiPath Project by using the dependecy manager:

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Hi @martin.vlcek - welcome to the UiPath Community :partying_face:

Have you got a screenshot of the properties panel. Particularly the pattern :slight_smile:

Hello Peter, thank you for your tip. I tried this activity, but getting nullreference.exception.
Find-replace with log:

Hello Steven, you mean Regex properties? Looks like this:

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And whole process (extraction for testing) looks like this:

ensure that you are working within the balareva word application scope when using the ctivity mentioned above:

Oh, my bad. I should know this. Now it works perfect! Many thanks Peter!

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Solution from Peter worked. Thank you.

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