Replace string in Russian language

Hi all!
I have a “txt” file, where I want to add sybols in line.

  1. I use “read text file” and add encoding to Russian language. Save text to variableBefore
  2. Assign to new variableAfter ariableBefore.Replace.(“Назначение платежа: Выплата”,“Назначение платежа: {VO70060} Выплата”).
    3.“Write text file” with this veriableAfter
    As a result, a I have the same text without replace. If I use “Message Box” with variableBefore I have inexplicable sybols.

Hi @Danileyko,
You can also try to experiment with regex (Matches activity).

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Check that the txt you want to read with the robot is saved using another encoding ,(UTF-8" for example)

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UTF-8 save English text as English text, but Russain text it save as inexplicable sybols.

So, I’ve solved this problem by using “Windows-1251” encoding in Read and Write functions

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