Replace ID and password for website login

I need to login to an intranet. In the login page, the User ID and Password were previously saved and thus were shown on default but they might not be the account I would like to use to login.

I would like to have a logic that the robot can replace (i.e. clear) whatever shown on the input box of User ID and Password and then the robot can input the ones I would like to provide for login.

A screenshot of the login page

The following is the current activity setting on Uipath, but it will only add the text after the last word of the existing text instead of replacing it. (so in this case, the User ID will incorrectly be “ingggwhkundwr1” instead of “hkundwr1”)

Thank you.

Type into Activity Has property Called

EmptyField - When this check box is selected, all previously-existing content in the UI element is erased before writing your text.

So for both the typeInto Enable the Empty Field check Box -This will clear existing Data Before typing the new one.



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