Replace Highlighted data

• Input file could be a Word or Pdf Test.pdf (206.4 KB)
Execl file for replacing value Data.xlsx (9.3 KB)

• Highlighted fields like Customer Name, Customer Address, GST Regst. No (If available), Cust PAN/ TIN No. (If available) needs to be replaced (New details will be provided in Excel)
• GST Amounts (CGST, SGST) need to be changed to IGST and sum of CGST + SGST .
• Generate Word or Pdf file in the same format with the new details
• I am Attaching Screenshot of word file. test


Have you tried anything from your end, possible share your findings as a xaml, we will be able to help you out if you are facing any issues.

You need to use ReadPDFtext activity and from the output of that activity you need to do string manipulation to extract the required data