Replace file received from sender in folder


I am after adding a new feature to the bot, but not sure what is the best way to approach it.
It is supposed to send birthday greetings and some info that the robot uses is stored in an excel file, which is sent every month.

File has got the following mask for the name “Report ddMMyyyy”. I would like a robot to work with the file corresponding to the current month and erase unused ones within the folder.

Now, what is the best way to “feed” a robot that file, considering that it retrieves it as an attachment from mail inside Outlook on a monthly basis?

Thank you for your expertise!

I usually use the Get Exchange Mail Messages activity.

Output is a MailMessage list, make it easier to work. In a loop you can use the Save Attachments activity, if you want to store the downloaded attachment.

Certainly, those are great for the sake of mail automation. Currently wondering how to work around that situation, where attachments are being saved in a folder and to tell the robot to chose a particular one instead to work with.

You can use Document Understanding logic. Create keywords for the files you want to process, validate that process you want to process.

I believe that the files should have their particularities, be it a different name or content, otherwise it will be complicated.

Thank you for suggesting that, it will definitely come in handy sooner or later.
I thought there was some reserved feature to work with system folders or a programmatic way to address my inquiry.