Replace dynamic value with nothing

I want to remove the dynamic (always changing value) after WIID:


I can remove WIID by saying: strVar.Replace(“WIID”, “”)

But how do i remove a dynamic value?


strVar = WIID: 570484

Try to split first >> strVar = Split(strVar, “:”)(0)
So the value of your strVar = WIID

If you know the position use substring…

I can split it like u suggested but im thinking of something more like a Replace method that removes not only the label of the value but the whole label + dynamic value in one go.

I havent used substring before… can u elaborate plz?

@Ibra Can you elaborate more what exactly you are looking with input and output

Yes sure. Sorry if my question was too misleading.

Im looking for a way to REMOVE dynamic values with the method of .Replace.

e.g. WIID is a static label but has always a new dynamic value thats always-changing.
I just want to get rid of the WHOLE string including the label and the value.

Why? -> it saves me from performing more steps to produces what i want with the .Split method.

@Ibra Hope attached workflow is useful

Main.xaml (8.6 KB)

Thank you!

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Or maybe you can use Left.

Left(strVar, 4)