Replace double quote to slash problem in web api

Hi all,

I am trying to run this web api:

I can run it without any problem at Postman.
But when i want to run it in robot, getting error. It returns me this variable like this:

It replace double quotes to slash. How may i solve it?


Use single quote instead of two times double quote and then check it once.

You mean: i should use single quote instead of two double qoute? or instead of one of them?


Yes use single quote instead of two double quote. It should be some thing like this.


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I did it but getting this error:


Hi @Mazlum,

The API request that is working fine should work fine in UiPath. Kindly check what type is mentioned for input request.

If you are planning to send a json data to API then specify the type as json in the HTTP Request component

I found the solution. My json code was wrong.

And yes, i am also used HTTP Request activity. Then use json to datatable activity. But it returns me a datatable that has no headers. I do not get it why.


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Can you share that here? I will look into it… @mazlumkacar