Replace data in word document

Hay, I have word document and I need replace data in word.
I have header and under is current date. Then I have a name and address (which I have to delete or replace) and then I have one word which is always the some. I try with replace text and isn’t working how can i change name and address? Haw can I find that part that I need to change.
Thank you

HI @Tinkerbell

Can you share the files so that I can see what might be going wrong?

proba_Jamac_Word.xaml (9.8 KB)

Here is that part. I get error in assign when I tell them that the first word is Current Date. Can you help me?

Hi @Tinkerbell

I have gone through your xaml and you need to give me the word file too buddy.

And assuming that you have done all the academy courses I hate to say this but there are many undeclared variables being used, also you have to keep in mind the scope of the variables housed in sequences hence so many errors.

Can you just check everything and get back to me?

use replace text activity under word application scope

for example image

u can have the string which needs to be replaced in Str_Newrate.

#23dollar amount is anchor text which would be replaced by text in Str_newrate

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