Replace code with words

The program extracts data from xml files and writes to an excel table. But there are values ​​where instead of names there is a code - this code corresponds to a certain value.
What is the best method to use to replace the code with words. After writing to the excel file, use replace? Or can it replace codes with words at the extraction stage?


I see the codes, but where are the words which you are asking?

Can you share a example of your input and output


I extract data from xml files (differentxml folder) and write it to ExtractXML file.
The code 2001002000 is “Building”, 2001003000 is “Premises”, 3002000000 is “Land of settlements”, 3001000000 is “Agricultural land”, 3005000000 is “Forest land”. Thanks. (1.2 MB)

There will be a lot of values ​​of the “code” - “value” type. Create a list, a dictionary and add all the values ​​to it? And then look for “code” in the dictionary and replace it with the appropriate value?


Yes, you can do like that also


You can maintain a excel sheet where you can filter the datatable using filter datatable activity and get your required value

Hope this helps you


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