Repeating the same process with several variables


What I would like to achieve is,

Go to the intranet page using chrome and download and save several clients’ statements in PDF.

The process of downloading the statements are the same, but the account number and the file locations where the each statement should be saved are different.

Currently, I can complete this by simply copy and paste the same activities in the same order with different account numbers and file locations (type into activity).
However, I would like to loop the process instead of making the sequence super long.

Is there any activities that I can use? If there is, it would be great if you could help me edit the XAML file attached.
Main.xaml (29.1 KB)

P.S. the activities that I would like to repeat are within “I want to repeat the process in this”.

Thank you in advance.

Do a For Each in every account number that you have:


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For Each using Arrays looked too hard for me after trying for a few hours.

So I created an excel file with a list of account numbers and folder paths and file name.

However, there’s an error again. Can someone tell me what is wrong and causing this error?

Hi @PeruT,

If your column name in excel is Account Number, you can access the value of each row in the column by using
row("Account Number").ToString and error above occurred because of missing double quotes.

Point to remember: When you want to access from a datarow ( row here is a datarow type in your datatable which was read from excel) will also need to specify the data column name in string format.

Hope this clears your doubt.

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Thank you, the error is gone now!

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