Repeating a Process multiple times

Hello! I am trying to automate this process whereby I copy a series of data from excel into word. This process will help me to create a new word document with the data being pasted into it. I’m having trouble figuring out how to repeat the same process for other data in the excel file and creating multiple word documents

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We can do this a FLOWCHART kind of workflow structure

That is usually you can choose what type of workflow you want to have

In that by default we get sequence inside which we will have multiple activities to do a process

In your case instead of sequence use a FLOWCHART and use block of activities and join them as a loop, like a cycle so that the bot will run again and again one after the another

Here you go with an example


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there might be some anchor to decide the block? let’s say you have a particular string that divides your blocks in excel

as entire data is in one excel, just loop through the content in excel and have a if condition for row.ToString = YourAnchorForBlocks, in else block keep on adding the row data in a variable

when the condition is satisfied then you can just save the variable data in a word file and clear the variable

Hope this helps!