Repeat Several Activities With Only One Click Activity Changing

I have wrapped several activities inside a ‘Repeat Number of Times’ activity that needs to be looped 24 times. However, at the end of those same activities, there is a click activity that needs to be different every time. The first time it clicks on link 1, then link 2, link 3, etc… Should I use an array string variable? When opening the click activity in UiExplorer, the only property that is changing is the class name.

class='job-card-container relative job-card-list job-card-container–clickable job-card-list–underline-title-on-hover jobs-search-two-pane__job-card-container–viewport-tracking-1’

If I indicate the second link element, the ‘viewport-tracking-2’ will show with the rest the same. Link 3 would show ‘viewport-tracking-3’ etc…

Hi Karl,

Did you tried adding * in that attribute where the number is changing instead of going array string we have to go with dynamic selectors that would be best practice.

Hello @kirankumar.mahanthi1

If I use an asterisk, it might click randomly. I will try it anyways and see. Thx.