Repeat (loop) action in Webapplication

Hello I would like to repeat the action as you see in the picture. im downloaden pdf’s from a web application. how to repeat this action? for each is not possible because he just follows the process of the application.

HI @Nightowl_music ,

how many times you want to repeat ? use while loop and set the count
are you downloading the same file?


wanna loop till all pdf’s are downloaded. it’s a new file any time

Hi @Nightowl_music ,

create an Boolean variable “bPDFElementExists” - False

use element exists activity to check the pdf icon is present or not
then use while loop
condition bPDFElementExists=true
inside to ur download code after download again check exists activity pdf icon is present, so until the icon gone the process will continue


he needs to recognize the word “Reclamesticker” if that’s the case then continue… i saved the name with get text activity. how to use this in While loop. because is String variable.