Repeat an action until an error dissapear

Hi guys,

I have a routine but for some reason it stops because a error occurs. How can I repeat the routine again until the errors dissapear?. Could you please explain me in detail how to do it since I am new in Uipath ? tks


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Hi @sergio85,

If you are using vb code for the entire process, you can use On Error GOTO.

I don’t know whether there is an activity available for it in UiPath. You can make the custom activities as well.

Using Flowcharts will also help you in this particular scenario.

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Hi @HareeshMR:

Thanks for your help. I am not using vb code, only activities. Could you explain me how to do it with the flowcharts please?



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Please upload your workflow for clear understanding of the issue and mention the point where you are facing error and you want to loop which part ?

Hi @syedabidraza

I have a while loop with the following activities:


Sometimes for some reason there is an error when the activitiy Merge is performed. What I want to do is if MergeDataTable failed, return the previous activity until Merge Data Table works well.



Use a try catch so that when it fails to merge then it gives an exception and retry.

Hi @tshedzamclay,

I tried it before but what if for second time the same issue occurs? As far as I understood in the Finally part I could add the merge activity but what if it again fails. Maybe I am doing wrong, could you explain me better how to do it?



Unfortunately my Studio is not working due to license but never the less you still have various options that you can use. like an IF statement, so as long the merge fails it will repeat that part of the process, you can also use Retry Scope and in Properties it does have Number of retries. But with the try catch don’t think it will continue unless if the Merge was successful.