Repeat Actions for 5 Columns Excel (For Each Row)

Newbie on StudioX. I have done a search but perhaps my search terms are not correct.
Excel to Web, For Each Row, I need to repeat a set of actions (identical) for specific columns: if S is not blank (do Activity), if T is not blank (do Activity), if U is not blank (do Activity), if V is not blank (do Activity), if W is not blank(do Activity). The Activity is the same (copy/paste/save). How do I create/call a repeatable group of actions? TIA

IF → condition builder-> define the conditions (IF a cell from each column is empty) with OR and place the activity inside the Then.
is it ok for your use case?

@studioX Horia, thank you for your response. Not sure if “OR” will work. Any or all of the 5 columns may have data that needs to be acted upon so it’s more like For Each Row, For Each Cell in Range S:W, If Not Blank Then Perform Action. I was thinking to create the action and then call it like a stored procedure rather than copy paste it 5 times. I will play with the OR scenario.