Repeat a Web Process

I am new to RPA without a Programming background. I create a robot that un-archive the Udemy course (my joined courses). It is working fine and un-archive a single course.
I want to repeat this activity again n again


Welcome to our uipath community.

Do you want to Unarchive all the courses in that folder ?

Yes I want to unarchive all


Try below expression to get all files from that folder and will give output as array of string. And then use For Each loop to Unarchive one by one file.

        arrStrFiles [ ] = Directory.GetFiles("Folder Path")

        ForEach item in arrStrFiles
            Use Activity for Unarchive file

Dear Sir
I am working on live website .
on above url my all archive courses shown and Click on Three dots and click on unarchive
I want to automate the above process for infinite times.
Currently bot is unarchive a single course

Dear Sir
I am working on live udemy website .

Any suggestion