Renewal of licencse

I am unable to renew the license after renewing

I have restarted the uipath studio but still it is showing license expired

See this

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Hi @Suresh_Kumar2

Please, try this. You just have to deactivate the license using Command (Console), then reRun UiPath and it will ask you to register your new license.

Try this in Command Console:

  1. cd C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath (or the Path where is installed your UiPath Studio)
  2. regutil deactivate
  3. Run your UiPath Studio and register your new license

Hope it can help you guys. Greetings.


I am facing with below issue

regutil command is not recognized as internal and external command

Screenshot of folder structure



try to find it in x86… or in AppData\Local…

I have done in AppData \local