Renew customer license

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I would to know how to renawe the license, not the CE license.
A UiPath Sales Operation Consultant told me she made the extension accordingly.
She told me:
If any error occurs, that means you will have to delete the UiPath folder from %programdata% because that’s where the license information is written and start the activation anew.
Which folder should I delete?

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Read this -

You can renew it from here -

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Thank you os much @PrankurJoshi.
The problem is that I am facing problems with the customer license.
It behaves in a different way I think.
Can you pleas help me?
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Camilla. :slight_smile:

@ovi - can you please help here?

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I went to renewal site and submitted my details. It asks me to restart my UI path studio to renew the license and i did so but still the same error repeated. Please help me on this

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Hi @SaiSanivarapu

Do you have Community or Enterprise?

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I’m not able to renew my licence. Can anyone please help

hi @manoj999,

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this might be helpful to you

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The folder is C:\ProgramData\UiPath\License for Enterprise . delete all file there and re-activate using online or offline method