Renaming files issue version 2019.11 vs 2019.12


I am doing the official RPA Developer Foundation Training from the Academy and have an issues with the “For Each” Part of the “Variables, Data Types & Control Flow” section for that training.

I have rebuildet the exact same process as shown in the video on two computers one beeing my work laptop with version 2019.11 where it is working 100% perfectly fine. The other is my private pc with version 2019.12 where right at the end at the Move File / Rename part I receive an error wile trying to use the FileName Operator.

Please see picture for the Error Message.

Does anyone know why this is happening in v12 but not in v11? What do I need to change to solve this?
Please note that earlier before when using the FileName operator I dont have an issue at all!

If you need further information just give me a heads up of course.

Thanks for any support

It looks like FileName isn’t declared. Check that the variable has been created in your workflow.

Please note that the error says Filename is not declared. Object might not be accessable due to the selected Scope. But I have not at all created a variable called FileName but neither the creators did!

Surprising that it works in the previous version, in that case. If you pass a variable which doesn’t exist, it will always throw an error.

Is this the section marked “Video Demo - For Each”?

I understood it is a operator but I might be mistaken. Anyhow I was watching and re-watching and a third time re-watching the video following every step and in there they also do not create any variable for that operation.

Yes it is exactly the “For Each” section

Sounds like a mistake in the tutorial, or an assumption they make that you’ll create the variable. Either way, the tutorial would be better if it would at least show that it was created even if it wasn’t said.

Then the variable is created in the video. A For Each activity creates a variable for each thing you are iterating over. For Each A in B creates a variable A. So, when the video uses ForEach FileName in invoicesArray it is creating a variable FileName.