Renaming file based on information from Excel


I am pretty new to StudioX, I’ve only build a few bots with it. Now I’m struggling with one.
Here’s my problem:
I have about 500 files (png) that need to be renamed. The current name contains the employee number. Instead of the employee number, the filename needs to contain the employee name.
I have an Excel file with the employee numbers in column A and the employee names in column B.
Is it possible to create a bot that finds the employee name associated with the employee number, and add the employee name to the filename of the png?

it would be great If you could share a sample data and screenshot of the PNG file names …

@AngelaB - Here you go…

My PNG files before Renaming…


Excel File with Employee Details


Final Output


XAML File: (186.3 KB)

Hope this helps…

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My hero! Thank you so much, it worked!
Next time I’ll make sure to share a sample data.

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