Renaming CSV File

Is it some how possible to change file name during move?
Source: item.ToString ----->Array of object

this is my destination: Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory,“AllCsvWordDataFiles”) here AllCsvWordDataFiles is a folder name where files are kept

so items name is currently like SAPA-00431 would like to change it to 431 while moving.

Any thoughts?

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use string manipulations to get the last three numbers and then give it to the destination path @rohit0510.

We can use MOVE FILE activity where in the source mention the file path of the current file that we want to move
While in the destination property mention the file path with the file name we want
Cheers @rohit0510

You can also do like this 1) open the CSV then use excel shortcuts using send hotkey to change the name. That will do the work.

I would highly recommend doing it with a move activity like @Palaniyappan and not doing it by opening the file with excel and using shortcuts. The move activity will take place near instantaneously and will work 100% of the time. Opening the csv with excel requires manual manipulation and an active window which could get interrupted during the process and also will take much longer

Thanks Palaniyappan Can you please tell me what exactly i have to add in this path variable Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory,“AllCsvWordDataFiles” ?