Renaming An Orchestrator Tenant

How to rename a tenant in Orchestrator ?

Re-naming a tenant is not something UiPath recommends, as changing the name of any of your tenants greatly impacts your previous configurations. However, if a tenant name is misspelled and/or not a lot of activities have been performed within the tenant, you can perform the tenant name modification in the following way,

  • For versions 2021.10 and above
Follow instructions elaborated here in the "Renaming a tenant" section in our official documentation.
  • For versions below v2021.10
For the lower versions of Orchestrator, there is no way to rename a tenant from the GUI, and the modification has to be essentially performed via the database at the back-end.

Use SQL queries like below:
update dbo.Tenants
set TenancyName = 'newTenantName',
Name = 'newTenantName'
where TenancyName = 'OldTenantName'

update identity.Tenants
set Name = 'newTenantName',
NormalizedName = 'newTenantName'
where Name = 'OldTenantName' ---> This second query applicable only for versions 2020.4+ with the integration of the Identity Server with Orchestrator
  • Additional Considerations:
    • Always perform DB modifications under the supervision of the DBA
    • Refrain from renaming the Default Tenant
    • Robots configured at the tenant level are disconnected. Users must Reconnect their Robots, entering the new URL
    • The tenant URL previously bookmarked doesn't work anymore. Send your users the new URL
    • Mobile Orchestrator users are disconnected. Send them the new tenant URL to connect again
    • For the lower versions when many actions are not yet performed on the existing tenant, a better practice would be to create another tenant and move your resources there. If it is mandatory to use another name for your tenant, then simply remove the old tenant once the new one has been created
    • On a side note, the Orchestrator Manager can be used for performing bulk operations for deploying a new tenant (Community Support).