Renaming Activities is incredibly slow

Did anyone ever have issues with the time lag in trying to rename activities? It is so much easier (although annoying) to copy paste text into Activity name than trying to type it directly into an Activity. Pretty sure it’s not a memory issue as my colleagues too face the same issue.


Any idea how to resolve this?

Thank you!


Hi @swathykodoth,

it is easy to do rename if you edit through the property pane of the activity



No worries
-click that container that is here the container is Logout & Close Tab not necessary like click on the name
We can even click on just that container
—once that container gets highlighted go to property panel
—there we got a property for each container named Display Name there we can change the name of the container very easily
—the reason why it Was slow for you has many reason that includes the sequence size and the way we double click on the name
—but on using this property it will be very easy

Hope this would help you
Cheers @swathykodoth


@baisilgee @Palaniyappan Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I tried that but it is still very slow.

Also after further check, I think the issue is when you have a big project with a lot of workflows irrespective of how big each workflow is. For eg: a 2 MB project with 10 8-10 KB sequences is slow but not a 600 KB project with a single 500 KB workflow.

My team is experiencing same issue. Certain actions in Studio (e.g. renaming activities) are super slow - like slow motion. It is occurring both on our laptops and VDIs. Any solution for this? Hate to waste 10 seconds to rename activity. It’s not depending on workflow/project size.

Current studio version: 2019.4.2

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Did we check with system performance and it memory usage
Sometimes that will have a great impact in this
Cheers @marekb


CPU and memory usage look fine, no spikes (~50%). Other software on the computer is working well.

We are experiencing the same problem. It is so slow the Studio just hanging without response for 1 minutes sometime longer.Keen to know the solution to this.


Any solution for this Bug ?