Rename txt file to excel file

I have a .txt file in my source path.I want it to move to my destination path and paste it as .xlsx file.Is there any solution for this?

@suchitra.nagarajan I don’t think we can directly convert a Txt File to an xlsx file, since there might be format changes and the file may get corrupted after changing. But can you tell us how are you doing it manually. Are you converting the data in the txt file to some format so that the conversion is possible?

No…I am copying the contents from the .txt file and creating the excel file in the destination path and pasting the contents.

@suchitra.nagarajan Ok. Can you tell us what is the Format of the txt file? If there are separators for Columns then we can read the text File and Separate the Columns using the Separator and generate the Output. Can you give us the txt file?

sample.txt (3.6 KB)

This is the txt file that I want to convert