Rename the downloaded file from browser

Hi Everyone,

I download a file from sharepoint and save in a particular folder

My issue is from download.xaml output i get is file path eg: “C:\users\Manipulation\InputFile\filename(4).xlsx”
but what i need is “C:\users\Manipulation\InputFile\filename.xlsx”
i need exact filename , which i used as asset in orchestrator , how to rename the file

Thanks in advance


It’s because already some files are existing with the same name.

If you are ok to override the existing files then change the settings in chrome browser to ask where to save the file instead of directly saving the file in Default folder. If you do show then it will show windows explorer and there you need to type file path. And also it will show override the existing file if the file exists with the same name and you need to click yes there.

Remove the existing files named filename.xlsx

This is an automatic Windows thing, it renames with the (x) when there is already a file with the name it’s trying to download.

can u elaborate , also is there any way to rename instead?

Is there any way to rename the file instead?

@kavya.s16 To avoid this case make sure the folder in which you are downloading doesn’t have any other files. Please go through the below post of deleting the files form the folder

Renaming is easy. Just use the Move File activity.

The real issue is identifying the newly downloaded file. If you can safely assume it’s the last file downloaded, then do this…


If possible keep the input folder empty before downloading the file. Move the file to different folder post process is completed. So that input folder doesn’t contain any duplicate files.

use delete file if path is exist before download