Rename sheet with cell value

Hello community,

I’m having a blockage in the my excel automation. I’ve managed to get all the excel sheets merged into one workbook with each sheet saved as “NCB+Integer”.

Now I need to change the name of each sheet with the value of a specific cell (“B5”). I’ve tried Get Workbook Sheet/s activity and created a variable and then tried to change the name using Rename Sheet activity but it didn’t work.

Could you please tell me if it’s possible to change the sheet name using a cell value in the same sheet?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @diogo.grac ,

You can use rename sheet activity directly


Hello @Anil_G, thanks for the reply. I’ve used the rename sheet and it works but only until half the sheets, then Rename Sheet: Document not saved stops the process.

Do you know who I can solve this?

Thank you.

Show your code and the error you’re getting. We can’t help if we don’t have any details.

Hi @diogo.grac

Yes we need what error you are getting . Alternately please check if you check the box to save excel or you can even use the activity save excel after it.


Hello @postwick and @Anil_G,

Thank you for your help. Once I restarted Uipath the code worked without problems.


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