Rename of sheet in csv

I am downloading the CSV file and saving it by product name. when the file is being saved, the sheet name is also the product name and it is unable to read the sheet name as its too long name. I m trying to rename the sheet name of CSV file but unable to do it. Can i rename the sheet name of CSV file?

I believe you cannot change the sheet name.
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CSV files are “flat” text files, and as such, don’t have multiple sheets or sheet names.
If you open a CSV file in Excel, it just uses the File Name as the sheet name.
If you change the sheet tab name at the bottom while you have it open in Excel, and then re-save it as a CSV file, it doesn’t change anything (not the file name).

That’s why i can also open csv files from notepad

Additionally, if you want to rename the CSV file just to read it, instead of the sheet name, you can refer to it via sheet index (which is zero).

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pls go through the link CSV file -Renaming sheet name

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