Rename of attachment

hai i am downloading the attachment from the mail using uipath but i need to rename the attachment with the senders mail id or mail name is it possible and how to achieve it. Sorry i had already posted this question i did not receive any response for it thats y posting again… can any one help me how to achieve it…

thanks in advance

HI @soumi_soumiya

You can use the save attachments activity to download and save the attachments. However, you will not be able to rename the file. So Once you have downloaded the file, you can use the Move File activity to rename the file you just downloaded.

For the move File activity, give the file name of the one you downloaded along with the path for its source, and for the destination, you can give the same path, and for the file name, you can give the new name you want to have…

where to give the file

where to give the file name

Hi @soumi_soumiya,

Use Move File Activity to achieve it.

Here is the sample workflow (1.3 KB)