Rename Image(.jpeg files) in a folder in sequence, Map the image with right name from excel and send email with matched name and image


I have 17 images(.jpeg) in a folder. The images saved like this: Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.1, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.2, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.3, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.4, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.5, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.6, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.7, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.8, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.9, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.10, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.11, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.2.1, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.2.2, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.2.3, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.2.4, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.2.5, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.2.6

I want to rename them in sequence and map them with 17 name from a excel file and send email with name and other info with picture in side email body.

I tried to rename the images but the order of the images mixed up like this: Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.1, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.10, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.11, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.2, Ics_daily_image_report_08042020.1.3 and so on. I do not know what is going on.

Can anyone help me to solve this issue? It is urgent need. I appreciate your help in advance.


I have uploaded the excel with names.
Test excel for images.xlsx (15.9 KB)