Rename files using Names from excel sheet

Hi Guys!

Have a small issue. So I made a Robot that loops throu an excell sheet and downloads the url file links.
I’m stuck now trying to move the downloaded files to a seperate folder but also to rename each file using the First and Last name next to the file’s Url in same excel sheet.
Could some UiPath veteran please help me out?


Apply now ROBOT.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Main.xaml (26.7 KB)

you can use move File activity, and put filename in DestinationPath + filename
or use this activity


Hi Aditya!

Thanks, but i’m kind of new to this. Could explain to me how to use it?

Thanks alot!

Like for instance do i need to make a Var to store the names first? and do i put the move file activity after what sequence…

yaah absolutely

use assign activity to store var names like path, file name etc

Go to package manager install below package

use Rename Work Sheet activity



Thank you @aditya.prakash to refer my activity.

Hi @Zaki,

Here you can get the sample also.