Rename files in a folder and move them in a subfolder or another folder in a different drive

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Hi all,

I have been facing an issue at renaming and moving the files.
Scenario -

  • I have a folder named PDF which has only .pdf files
  • I want to replace β€œ.pdf” with current date and after renaming, move all the files to a different folder which can be in a different drive or in a subfolder inside PDF folder.
  • I want to use for each loop and move file activity to get this done.
    image image

I have been facing challenges for the destination in move file activity. If I use newFileName inside destination, it replaces the file in the same folder but that’s not the objective. Is it possible to rename and move the files in different folder i.e. dstpath

I want to use newFileName variable in such a manner that filename is replaced by newFileName and newFileName also moves to dstpath. And it all should be done inside move file activity.

Any help !


If you don’t want to change in the source then keep another move activity and in the destination folder itself you can give newFileName and give the Same Destination folder

Hope this helps you


I did not get it. Does it mean i have to use another move file activity and pass newFileName in the destination field ?



1st Move File - fileName -> Destination
2nd Move File - FileName - Destination will be Destinationation with New FileName as below


In this way you can change the new FileName in the Destination only not on the Source

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Hi @Tarun_Bajpai

Have a look to the below threads :-

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Hi @ksrinu070184

Did you mean this?

Hi @Pratik_Wavhal

I wanted to use move file activity just once inside for loop. As you would have seen that objective is to replace filename with newFileName and move newFileName to another folder i.e. dstpath which stores the path of the destination. I was wondering if there is a possibility to use newFileName and dstpath in image .
If you could help, please do.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello Tarun,
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