Rename and move many files

Hello everyone, I want the help of someone, who can tell me how to solve the next step:


This folder in turn has several subfolders and each of them other subfolders:


At the end, there are some files that must be renamed and extracted and left in another folder


I appreciate your urgent help, Greetings!

Hi…@samy - So you want to rename all the files available from the main folder or only selected files?

if selected files, what is the file type you are interested in renaming?

How do you want to rename the files?please share the input and output file name

Finally–After renaming the files do you want to move/copy it to another folder?

Hi @prasath17 , really thanks for answer…
I want to change the final files that are inside the subfolders: each folder has different subfolders and these subfolders have different files, the new name is a numeric consecutive.

finally take all these renamed files to another folder

@samy - Thanks for the detailed diagram. From your first screenshot , I see your filename is 20210227.4 which you are trying to rename it to some # right? Is it ok if it rename it using their folder name…say 20210227.4 in the Folder100 to 100.4?? and like wise…

@samy - Please find the starter help here… (458.9 KB).

Run this workflow as is. You will see renamed files(FolderName_FileName) gets copied over to “Out_RenamedFiles”.

Feel free to modify according to your needs. Once you done will all the changes, disable the “copy file” activity and enable the “move file” activity.

@samy - did you get a chance to try the workflow provided ? If yes and it worked for you …please make my post as solution which helps others.

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