Rename a while downloading the file

I have been trying to create a bot that downloads sales report of every city and then move to a different folder. I am using edge browser and the bot selects the city from the drop down and then click on export which directly downloads the file in download folder.
When I move the file to another folder then I can rename it according to current date and time but I am facing a problem in renaming them according to the city name.
Note: City the bot selects is always in static form for example, first it download the file of City A and then City B and then moving to the rest of the alphabets.



Thanks for replying, though I have tried that already I should have mentioned I am download 22 Sales report which are of 22 different city and I want to name them accordingly. If I used this one I can only name them in favor of one only.
Let me know if I am missing anything.


You can achieve in many ways.

  1. Before selecting the dropdown, read that dropdown option(City) value and store it in the variable and later use that variable for renaming.

  2. Use “find children” activity to get all the dropdown values in the IEnumerable and using “for loop” you can export the file and rename it using city name.

Note : City name is extracted from the IEnumerable using “Get attribute” activity.