Rename a file that is in the file server and not in the cumputer locally

Hi, I need to rename a file. However, it is not in the computer locally. It is in the file server.

Any idea how to do that?

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we can use move file activity @zefang
but make sure that the file server is connected from your machine before using the above activity …
where in the path mention the file path of your file
and in destination property mention the file name with file path of the file you want
Cheers @zefang

@Palaniyappan Hi thanks for the reply. But i dont want to move it. the file needs to remain in the folder

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Yah using this move file activity does mean that we are trying to move the file, where else we are trying to change the name of the file name alone and keeping the file path same, so that the file name will get changed being in the same path, that is what actually is renaming the file right buddy
Cheers @zefang


Try like this

a = "C:\whatever\a.txt";
b = "b.txt";
Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.FileSystem.RenameFile(a, b);