Removing text from a string

I have a string that contains e.g. “Value * Value” or “Value 2 * Value”.

I would like to remove any text after the “*”. What is the best way to achieve this?

@jon1302 String Split method

Str=“value 2 *value1”


Output: value 2

Thanks, receiving an error: “Expression expected”. Do i need to convert the string to an array first?

Within the Update Invoice Data sequence:
FAME Validation.xaml (30.0 KB)

Hi @jon1302

You can try the below expression


For this formula, if you provide “Value 1 * Value 2”, it will split the string from “*” and return “Value 1”. Since I have added the Trim, it will remove spaces at the end as well.

I guess this is the best way to handle it…

Let know how it goes for you

Your genius strikes again! Thank you so much for your help Lahiru! :smiley:

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