Removing Duplicates on StudioX on an excel tab - is this possible?

Hi All - is it possible to remove duplicates on StudioX? I know in Studio it is definitely possible, but in StudioX, I can’t seem to find a way around it.

which duplicates? we do have the Remove Duplicates activity under studiox

Duplicates on an excel page. Essentially I am trying to copy two excel tabs into one tab, and the remove all duplicates from there. I tried to find the command in Studiox but i dont see it.

Additionally, is there a way to copy the two excel sheets to stack on top of eachother rather than replace eachother when the second tab copies over?

Which studiox version do you use? Also which excel package? Excel package version you can find in the ribbon under Manage Packages. If it is an older one you can upgrade it to latest version from there. Or just download or upgrade to latest version of StudioX if you are using an older one.


You can use Copy/Paste range or Append range activities then remove duplicates.