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Hello everyone,
I have one string i need to remove ¨V⁄¶}⁄ »⁄·¤“O⁄ À⁄flƒQV⁄◊⁄fl in ¨V⁄¶}⁄ »⁄·¤“O⁄ À⁄flƒQV⁄◊⁄fl 245.10, but the problem i am facing is “, after »⁄·¤ there is double inverted comma, i am not able to perform the string manipulation, I have tried with String.Replace(char(34),string.Empty)
Can anyone help!!!

Thanks in advance,
Jyothi M B


Can you attach a text file contains your string because this forum automatically convert some characters such as double quote to others?
Or Please use Preformatted text (Use </> on menu) .


computation.txt (63 Bytes)

I need only 245.10


Can you try Replace activity with the following settings.
Input: yourStrData
Pattern : "^.*?(?=\d)"
Replacement : ""
Result : yourStrData


@jyothi_M.B use regex to get that value

try that regex

@jyothi_M.B Can you please clarify every time whether the format of 245.10 is same or different


@jyothi_M.B Try this Regex and let me know

its not working


Can you try the following?

Main.xaml (5.6 KB)

I’m glad if you could point my misunderstanding if there is.


Thanks Yoichi,
Its working fine but i getting error here

Can you share the error message? (Please hover mouse pointer on blue exclamation mark)

For that
“»⁄·¤”+""""+“O⁄ "
so it will take “””" as " as string


Still cannot see error message, but probably it’s caused by double quote character in your data.

You can solve it by one of the following

・Please add " before “O⁄ like as follows
"¨V⁄¶}⁄ »⁄·¤"“O⁄ À⁄flƒQV⁄◊⁄fl 245.10"

・Save the string to text file and read it using Read Text File activity.


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