Remove Word from excel

I want remove all word after “Rework”…
Only Display" Rework "word in that coloumn…
Please help…

@Shubham_Akole Do you want to Update the Type Column Values to just keep “Rework” or is it that you want the Type Column Value to be Updated with the First Word that is present in Each row?

If you want to just Update with “Rework” then you can use For Each row and then using an Assign you can update the value.

i want only “Rework” word in that column

@Shubham_Akole Check the Following Steps :

  1. Use Read Range Activity for that Excel File and Get the Output Datatable, say DT

  2. Use For Each Row of DT
    Inside For Each Row use Assign Activity like Below
    row(“Type”) = “Rework”

  3. Outside the For Each
    Use Write Range Activity with that Datatable as the Input and write it to a Separate Sheet for Verification.

  4. Check the Output. It Should have the Updated Value