Remove variables scopes from Studio

Could you remove variables scopes from Studio? It is overcomplicating things, the feature is not really required, it only adds up to the time you need to find and use a variable.

Variable scopes are an important part of any programming language. They keep things organized, limit memory usage, and avoid things like unexpected values and accidentally overwritten/reused values. It’s important to learn how to use it.

Also, all you have to do to find a variable is use the universal search at the top right of the Studio window. When you double-click the variable it’ll take you to the container it’s scoped to.

I would argue that UiPath is aiming at the low-code end of programming languages, hence, using scopes is an overkill, in my opinion.

That sounds like too much work to me. I would rather prefer to just open the variables panel at the bottom and see all the variables listed.

May be you could use DataManager panel?

Yes, that panel helps indeed.

It would literally break the ability to use persistence activities with any variables that cannot be serialized forcing you to mess around isolating those in their own workflows.

UiPath has a low code and a professional coder element. Studio X or Studio Web is the place for such a thing you suggest but I think not even there however you might find the simplied Ui in those places more to your taste?

It’s not overkill. It’s necessary. How do you know the variable names that are inside the code in the activities? You don’t. Without scoping you could accidentally reuse one of them and cause problems.

Then maybe programming isn’t the thing for you. Variable scoping is normal and necessary in programming.

I guess that is a point in favor. If StudioX and Studio Web work without scopes, I am quite confident that Studio would work as well.

You cannot remove variable scoping from programming languages.

Yes, of course it could but then it would have all these issues that were raised and become abit useless and unprofessional. Scopes are not hard to learn.

Studio Web is extremely limiting, hence why the variables may have no scope. It simply sounds like you are using the wrong tool then complaining its too hard to use, have you tried using StudioX or Studio Web? Its odd for you to focus on full studio when you want the simplest possible version.