"Remove Unused" Improvements

To improve the “Remove Unused”, please consider this:

  1. Segregate Project Level and File-Level options in the drop-down (a line separator would be great)

  2. Add a new option for “Remove All Unused”, one that gives the unused Workflows/Dependencies/Screenshots, Variables/Arguments/Imports list in one go. User should be able to uncheck which category to not clear. And perform the “Remove All Unused” in one go.

  3. If possible, a background capability that could show that there are unused W/D/S,V/A/I. Somewhat similar to how the “Manage Packages” ribbon menu button and window work.


nice quality of life suggestions. Expanding on your 3. point:

I really like the Find References function and a similar list of unused W/DS,V/A/L and where they exist would be a great addition to Studio.

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This is a cool set of suggestions. I’ve recorded these in our internal tracker for our Studio team to consider :slight_smile: