Remove the zero from the end of a number


I have numbers like 1878.90, 1476.20, 1834.620
I want to remove the last zeros and get the ouput as 1878.9, 1476.2, 1834.62.
How do i get this?

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What is your variable type for the values like 1878.90?

use Trimend if you want to remove the last digit alone

Its string


text = your_Variable

use this text.Remove(text.Length-1)

Hi @AditiGandhi

Use Substring and the delimited is comma then pass it to array then loop every index and use the Remove method of the string.

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@AditiGandhi - You can use the Math.Round (232.25324, 1)
It will round the value and return the respective/eligible value.
For value - 232.25324
Output will be = 232.3

If its a string = convert to decimal like
and apply the round function.